MWH0077 Don't mess with Orsi B

Blonde Hungarian beauty Orsi B (5’ 6” 132 lbs) makes her auspicious debut for Mixed Wrestling Heaven as she steps onto the mats in Manchester against another debutante Steven (5’9” 146 lbs) in a competitive match.


Whilst Orsi B is a accomplished, experienced, well-travelled wrestler, this is Steven’s first mixed wrestling match on camera and he has never even had a mixed wrestling session, but he’s watched some videos, so he’s well prepared to face Orsi B then…… NOT!


From the moment the match begins Orsi B swarms Steven, trapping him in tight headlocks and armbars, the first tap is ridiculously quick and sets the tone for the rest of the encounter, which doesn’t last very long (but more on that later).


Orsi B absolutely brutalises, decimates and destroys him, and it becomes painfully obvious that Steven is not prepared or cut out to face experienced wrestlers.


The match has to be stopped as red claret pours down his face, and before Steven sustains any further injury.


Orsi B will be back, and even though Steven says he will be, we have to question whether he will after his destruction at the hands of Orsi B.


Orsi B wears a neon pink lycra sports bra and black shorts

Steven wears a white polo shirt, and black board shorts


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