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MWH0116 Inferno dominates in latex

Red-haired British wrestler Inferno makes a welcome return to the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats as she takes on Stephon, who makes the mistake of grinning at her, so she kicks off the action with a stinging slap to her victim’s face. 


She traps him in a standing headscissor and delivers some hard spanks then turning him over and smothering him with her gorgeous thick, latex-clad bottom in reverse and front facesit.


Inferno just loves torturing her victim. No tapping allowed today. She keeps him in a front headscissor for an eternity, hand smothering and spanking him for extra torture and extra humiliation.


Inferno makes her victim lick and suck her sweaty soles and toes. Then it’s more scissor torture...she is a bad bad girl!! Finishing him with a fantastically tight reverse headscissors, showing off those incredible quads and booty.


Inferno wears latex camouflage bikini

Stephon wears black latex shorts


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