MWH0117 Ava Austen smothers him

Stunning blonde pornstar Ava Austen makes her MWH debut


Ava is undoubtedly taller, heavier with glorious thick thighs and booty, and undisputedly more glamorous than her feeble male opponent, and it’s clear from the outset that she is unimpressed.


A swift knee between the legs takes him down to the mats, and Ava plants her perfectly formed curvy ass on his face, and smothers him with prolonged facesits.


She dominates him with ease using her size, strength and feminine assets to keep her victim on the back foot, and humiliates him by forcing her feet onto his face, trash talking and woman handling him all over the MWH mats.


She wraps her long legs around him and squeezes his ribs with a strong bodyscissor, before returning to plant her ass on his face, and smothering him beneath her. You can tell that she loves facesitting!


He groans, and squirms beneath Ava, but she doesn’t let him up and makes sure that he knows his place beneath that heavenly derriere.


Ava Austen wears a olive green high cut thong sheer body

Squishy wears electric blue spandex shorts with black trim


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