MWH0121 Megan Jones - Spandex Scissorhold Domination

Megan Jones doesn’t give Max a chance to get the introductions in before she wraps her big powerful thighs around his head and gives him a taste of their power.


Megan is taller and stronger than her male opponent and she has him trapped and in her grasp.  You can visibly see the strength leave him as he is repeatedly trapped in standing headscissors, reverse headscissors and side headscissors.


Megan Jones is like a cat toying with her prey, everytime Max thinks he has escaped she shows that she is just playing with him and clamps those super strong thighs around him and squeezes.


Perhaps feeling sorry for him she gives his head and neck a break by switching to bodyscissors punishing his ribs and showing him that his hard earned muscles count for naught against the experienced American.


Max never gives up but Megan Jones is just too much for him and all his resistance means nothing as he is out for the count with a flexing Megan victory posing above his prone form.


Megan Jones wears a figure hugging turquoise spandex leotard with purple shiny spandex legging and pink leg warmers

Max wears black speedo swimshorts


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