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MWH0151 Smother and Suffer - Zoe Page dominates Billy King

Beautiful and experienced redhead Zoe Page makes her Mixed Wrestling Heaven debut as she takes on Billy King, who is no stranger to the MWH mats.


Zoe wastes no time in stroking Billy’s beard and trapping him in a headlock, trying to wear out super fit Billy.  She climbs on top of him and spreads him wide in a grapevine before placing a hand over his mouth, smothering him, and then slapping his face to attention.


Next she face sits him in her see through pink thong, and jiggle up and down on him with her sexy ass.  Billy tries to fight back but Zoe is having none of it and traps him in a rear naked choke and body scissors combination to further weaken his resistance.


Zoe traps him in a reverse headscissors pushing her ass right into his face and then grabs his balls, as she doesn’t want him to enjoy the experience too much.


Billy is powerless in the face of Zoe’s onslaught which only intensifies as the match wears on, as he is repeatedly smothered, scissored and attacked.


Finally Zoe tells him he wants it as she claims his face, and sits on his face pushing her barely concealed pussy into his mouth until he can take no more.


Zoe Page wears a see through pink bra and thong

Billy King wears black shorts


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